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Demeter Devil's Food by Demeter Cologne Spray 4 oz For Women
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Demeter Devil’s Food by Demeter Cologne Spray 4 oz For Women

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About This Product
    Demeter Devil's Food by Demeter Cologne Spray 4 oz For Women


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    About This Product
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      Product Description

      Demeter Devil’s Food by Demeter

      Embark on a tantalizing olfactory journey with Demeter Devil’s Food, a captivating fragrance that conjures up the irresistible allure of a freshly baked chocolate cake. The rich and velvety chocolate notes mingle seamlessly with warm spices, sweet caramel, and nutty undertones, creating a gourmand masterpiece that is both decadent and inviting. As the fragrance settles on your skin, a symphony of amber, tonka bean, and musk envelops you in a warm and sensual embrace, leaving an unforgettable trail of chocolatey indulgence.

      Top Notes :

      • Chocolate: A rich, velvety aroma that wraps you in a warm and inviting embrace.
      • Vanilla: A sweet and creamy undertone that adds depth and smoothness to the chocolate.
      • Hazelnut: A nutty and toasted aroma that adds a hint of complexity and warmth.

      Middle Notes : 

      • Cinnamon: A spicy and exotic aroma that adds a touch of warmth and intrigue.
      • Caramel: A rich and buttery aroma that adds a touch of sweetness and depth.
      • Coffee: A dark and roasted aroma that adds a hint of bitterness and smokiness.

      Base Notes :

      • Amber: A warm and resinous aroma that adds depth and sweetness.
      • Tonka Bean: A nutty and warm aroma with hints of vanilla and almonds.
      • Musk: A subtle and animalistic aroma that adds a touch of sensuality and depth.

      Frequently Asked Questions : 

      • How does Devil’s Food smell?: Devil’s Food is best described as a rich and chocolatey fragrance with hints of vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon, caramel, and coffee.
      • Is Devil’s Food a sweet perfume?: Yes, Devil’s Food has a sweet gourmand scent profile, perfect for those who love chocolatey fragrances.
      • Is Devil’s Food feminine or masculine?: Devil’s Food is a unisex fragrance that can be enjoyed by both men and women.
      • How long does Devil’s Food last on the skin?: Devil’s Food has long-lasting longevity, ensuring the chocolatey scent lingers on the skin for hours.
      • Is Devil’s Food safe to wear daily?: Yes, Devil’s Food is a versatile fragrance that can be worn on any occasion and during any season.


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